iPhone suffers at -5˚C – can your phone take the chill?

Which? Convo: Most of us are suffering from sub-zero temperatures, but we’re not going to stop going about our business just because of a bit of snow and ice. But what about your phone – will it keep running as temperatures drop?

If it’s an iPhone 4S, maybe not.

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BeastOrange3585d ago

Never thought to think about how climate would affect my use of electronics. I live in a dessert where its 80+ year round so the cold doesn't come to mind...

techie3585d ago

But then there are limits for high temperatures too and I think the iPhone is worst there too.

BeastOrange3585d ago

yes screens in direct sunlight and being left in crs when the super heat like ovens up to 200 degrees, even cd's melt

C_Menz3585d ago

I think at that temperature you shouldn't be using any phone outside... I do know with my iphone4 that during the summer if I leave it in the car for a little that it will turn itself off since it heats up to much.

Brawler3584d ago

-5C isn't that cold, that's just below freezing to me that's a huge problem. I have the Galaxy S2 glad it can survive up to -35C

plumber153584d ago (Edited 3584d ago )

To my american friend C_Menz [ -5 DEGREES ] is [ 23 F ] so not that cold . Perfect working weather.

C_Menz3584d ago

I know how cold it is. But still, at the temperature I would not see myself using a phone for the amount of time it would take for it to malfunction due to temperature. Not like I would sit outside and be surfing the web in the middle of winter.

Might be different for some, but for me I don't see it as a big deal.

smartmart3584d ago (Edited 3584d ago )

strange. I use my iPhone to film while outside at temp ranging in the -20 many times a week and I never add hardly any signs of malfunction. And I keep it in an outside pocket, so the phone become as cold as the weather very quickly. I dropped it several times in the snow while having only a simple cover and it never stopped working.

Viper73582d ago

Where I live its pretty common for temperature to drop below -20C in winter.

So this makes me wonder why do they even allow them to sell these phones here that can't even withstand our normal living conditions?

Gotta love Samsung in this one tough, they have pretty durable phones when it comes to temperature. They even guarantee that their phones are supposed to work from -20C to +50C temperatures.

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