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Facebook IPO: Top 10 Largest U.S. IPOs

IBTimes writes,

Facebook filed for its initial public offering (IPO) on Wednesday with a value that could reach $100 billion. Here are the 10 most successful IPOs ever in U.S stock market history (by deal size).

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itech1533957d ago

I thinks Facebook will keep being the No.1, Google+ has not threat.

spy20123957d ago

no, I do not think so!

Facebook has been blocked in China and some other countries!

BeastOrange3957d ago

The decision will come down in the way FaceBook is changed after the IPO. If Google can match the social interaction through games and get some traffic generated people will join. Google has the capabilities of streaming entertainment and growing faster and larger than FaceBook. My opinion is just like FaceBook killed off MySpace, Google will do the same.

itech1533957d ago

But Face book is still growing, as Google does. MySpacewas killed by itself. MySpace made wrong ways to go, but facebook has the ability to avoid them.

SKUD3956d ago

It would make more sense to stay private. Keeping leverage rather then splitting it more with investors. S.E.C can be a real ball buster.