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Ship-mounted Railgun To Become A Reality For US Navy In 2025

NRM: "Defence technology company Raytheon has just received an investment of $10 million to further it's research and development of the world's first railgun, bringing electromagnetic weaponry out of the pages of science fiction into the real world."

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BeastOrange3645d ago

The introduction of rail guns into common warfare is going to be ridiculous. These weapons create so much kinetic nrg the ordanance does not even need to hit the target to cause extreme amounts of damage. In the clip the "bullet" traveled an insane amount of distant before the light from the blast even blinked! Faster than light bullets......omg

DarkBlood3645d ago

that my freind is one step closer to metal gear

GrumpyVeteran3644d ago

Well, actual FTL bullets is impossible. But this is interesting stuff nevertheless.

asmith23063644d ago

Yeah things that kill shit are always interesting!

fatstarr3644d ago

gundams my friends gundams :D

BeastOrange3644d ago

Mobile suits are up next...I love Gundams!!
side note the government wants space based rail guns in orbit. Imagine the devastation.

aDDicteD3638d ago

war would be like the looks of metal gear ^_^