Anonymous warns users to stay away from Anonyupload

Technology Mob: "After the Megaupload incident last week there has been a lot of hysteria in the file locker world with many services partially or completely shutting down. Amidst all of the action a new file locker turned up; Anonyupload. But is it legit? Anonymous claims it's not."

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fatstarr3894d ago

lets see how it turns up. thats a lot of jail time for lying anyway and taking money. but annon has been known to do that.

KingPin3894d ago

i dont get it.

Anonymous is a group without a leader. <as they put it> anyone can join Anonymous, anyone can be Anonymous. <as they put it>

so now, which part of Anonymous claims this is not them
and which part says that Anonyupload is part of them?

im so lost. lol

tiffac0083894d ago

Ain't it ironic?

According to them they have no leader but when a part of the hive does their own thing, they denounce it. lol!

Clearly they have a leader or a council at least that leads the collective. Its too obvious by now.

3894d ago
Megaman_nerd3894d ago

they don't have a leader but they do have a youtube channel, a twitter account and a private chat where the passwords and other stuff are shared (and discussed) between the members. Only thing they have to do to know if the Anonyupload site is official or not is ask in the chat who created it and if no one responds then it's not official.

It's kind of funny but this is just like the Dollars in Durarara when you think about it. XD


It may be that simple for people that are part of what they believe is the real Anonymous, but what about everyone else?

There's many alleged Anonymous youtube channels, many alleged twitter accounts and the chat is not open to anyone, so unless you are part of anonymous, any chat that's supposed to be an assert of anon is possible to be the real one.

As far as we know, even people who think they are part of Anonymous can as well be mistaken!

So KingPin is right, it's not something you can really verify... And that's why Anonymous is a joke, I have seen more organized revolution rising in a home economics classroom. LOL

Hozi3894d ago

Well, One could argue that Annonymous does have a leader but between you and I, there is always a leader...always a greater cause, nothing is as simple as it seems anymore.

johnnyvegas3894d ago

Even if it was real why would anyone want to give them their credit card info and such when they are known for hacking and such anyways? Sounds like you would just be asking for something bad to happen.