Anonymous hit CBS with a big bang

Technology Mob: "According to Anonymous' twitter feed they have taken down CBS' website, This doesn't look like a typical DDoS though; it looks like they've gained access to their servers."

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Hozi3971d ago

Really? This is lame. The site was only down for what? a few mins?

OhReginald3971d ago

wow thats shorter than when they do general maintenance on the website. lame.

Speed-Racer3971d ago

Lmao yea, but if they have redundant servers or offline backups, they just have to switch the IP addresses that the domain points to, and BAM, back online in 15 minutes tops.

DOOMZ3971d ago

They should have went after FOX!

CandyCaptain3971d ago

Nah, they should have just done something more productive/positive with their lives/time.

bub163971d ago

" why they’ve been targeted is not immediately clear but I’m going to assume they were in favour of Megaupload being taken offline"

If you've been following SOPA and PIPA lately you would know that the companies funding them are CBS, DISNEY, ESPN, MSNBC, CNET, just to name a few. The funny thing is. these are the companies who were promoting file sharing products flooding hundreds and hundreds or websites with ads to Kazaa. Morpheus, iMesh and Bearshare. and the funny thing is they are all under the same company.

I don't know the ins and outs behind it all these are just facts im getting from Youtube videos and news sources

technologymob3971d ago

The list of SOPA/PIPA supporters is endless, not to mention all the "proxy" supporters. Besides, in the tweets they referenced Megaupload which, naturally, makes no sense.

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