Follow the traffic: What MegaUpload’s downfall did to the web

GigaOM: MegaUpload, the file-sharing community, has had its physical offices raided by the FBI and its site shut down (although it may be back up) because the U.S. government says it has violated copyright. While others detail what services to use now or who was actually using the service for non-nefarious (piracy) purposes, we were wondering what it meant for the web when a large content sharing site is suddenly taken offline. I asked a few companies that track that sort of thing to see what has happened to Internet traffic over the last 24 hours.

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BeastOrange3899d ago

People always turtle when something like this happens. Good job to the folks at Anom for stepping up to the plate and standing up to the "ol man"

zerocrossing3898d ago

Still cant believe Megaupload got taken down.

SOPA, PIPA, ACTA, all this nonsense is so big businesses can keep raking in a huge profit when the world is changing making them more and more obsolete, it really has nothing to do with protecting IP's.

The way things are going it really will be the end of the word in 2012.

BeastOrange3898d ago

maybe the Myans were right. Not the end of the physical world but 2012 is the end of the free internet world lol!