Anonymous tricked people into joining Web site attacks

Elinor Mills, CNET:

"If you clicked a link distributed by Anonymous yesterday you may have unwittingly helped the online activists' attacks against U.S. government and entertainment industry sites organized to protest proposed anti-piracy legislation."

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BeastOrange3973d ago

Hats off to Anom. I just hope they stay on the side of the people and dont "sell out" if members get caught... Well played people at Anom!

mcgrottys3972d ago

I believe that they did sell each other out, remember Anon?

Besides this won't work. Did OpSony work? because I still don't see other OS on my PS3.

Hozi3973d ago

I am not a fan of Anon. but "the enemy of my enemy is my friend". I hope Anon. can really pull through and make this work.

killershadow1173973d ago

I want to know why their plan involves taking down Xbox Live and PSN? All the other sites they are taking down to protest the guys from MegaUpload getting arrested makes sense since they are linked to the government but why to gaming services?!

Reborn3972d ago

The only logical thing I can see there is; their both owned by huge businesses. Their whole aim is to raise awareness. If XBL/PSN get hit, people will search for why its down. Hence, you Anon will have done what they wish to do.

Sadly, its a huge inconvenience too.

killershadow1173972d ago

Your telling me! It's like if some oil company CEO got arrested and then people decided that we should shut down the toy industry.

KingPin3972d ago

LMAO at the way you summarized reborn analogy.

i was thinking the same thing. lol

like wtf?!!

i mean didnt sony drop out support for SOPA. i thought we had like 5 articles on that the last few weeks.