We stood up to Hollywood’s bullying, here’s what we need to do next

VentureBeat: "Silicon Valley proved me wrong. And I couldn’t be more thrilled.

I was skeptical last week that Silicon Valley would be organized enough to make a big impact on the discussion of SOPA and PIPA. But it did organize, and the resulting blackout across a number of key sites went a long way yesterday to get the message about SOPA and PIPA out to the public.

The most positive surprise was that Google came out aggressively against SOPA. Google reaches 87.4 million people a day in the United States, according to comScore. By contrast, the AFC Playoffs reached 34 million people; the top-rated series, NCIS, reached only 21 million. The Super Bowl is the only regular event that can reach as many people as Google does every single day."

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