Many senators drop support for SOPA/PIPA after Internet Blackout protest

What's Hawt: "With over 75,000 websites participating in the protest against SOPA and PIPA, 15 U.S. Senators (including sponsors) have dropped support for the proposed SOPA and PIPA acts. Real notice was taken when Wikipedia, Reddit, Newsboiler, BoingBoing, WordPress, Mozilla, and other sites suddenly went offline as part of the overall plan of protest. Many people, including college students, were forced to find out more about the proposed acts after their essential services went all black."

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Speed-Racer3297d ago

Glad to see so many of them turning to the good side, even if it was under pressure. There's more work to be done though to call it a success.

C_Menz3297d ago

Since the average person is finally starting to hear about SOPA/PIPA today no wonder they finally realized they shouldn't be behind it.

There's nothing wrong with trying to pass laws that prevent piracy and other illegal activities. However in their current state, SOPA/PIPA goes way to far in a lot of ways.

Serg3297d ago

This over 6 years old clip from the daily show illustrates the shocking truth of what kind of out of touch jackasses support SOPA/PIPA. Although the video is 6 years old, I doubt the situation has changed much, if at all...

contra1573297d ago

We have to keep the pressure on them

kreate3297d ago

and watch.. they'll come up with a SOPA2 with revisions and a different name to sneak by into the law.

Deadpool6163297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )

Yeah, we have to keep an eye out for those sneaky bills. With all the problems going on in America, they have tons of other things to focus on that are WAY more important. Economy, Education, Environment, Energy. Concentrate on those problems and when your done fixing them, then you focus on minor crap like...if toilet paper should face out or in...much like you're focusing on now.

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