Report: 91% of IT and Business Professionals Use an iPad for Work Communication

Gadgehit writes: "Proving yet again that the iPad is force to be reckoned with, a report out today claims that 91% of IT and business professionals worldwide prefer to use their iPads for work-related communication."

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darthkai3297d ago

I call bullshit. There is no way 91% of IT and business professionals even have an iPad, yet alone use if for most of their communication. Anyone who has ever tried typing on an iPad can see straight through this article. Where did they do their research? The Apple Store?

gaffyh3297d ago

From what I can tell, IDG asked people who already have an iPad. Which is why the figure is so high. Basically 91% of those who have an ipad use it for work communications. I agree it sounds way too high to be the entire IT and Business community.

Serg3297d ago

The headline is a lie! They took the numbers from the study and labled them wrong. I doubt that 1% of IT professionals even like the iPad.