Obama administration joins the ranks of SOPA skeptics

Timothy B. Lee , Ars Technica:

"The Obama administration has joined the ranks of skeptics of the Stop Online Piracy Act. In an online statement released Saturday, three senior White House officials wrote that the administration "will not support legislation that reduces freedom of expression, increases cybersecurity risk, or undermines the dynamic, innovative global Internet.""

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Speed-Racer3970d ago

Hmm I dunno about this. He said he didn't agree with the NDAA bill, and look what he signed off just some weeks ago.

ThichQuangDuck3969d ago

Exactly what I think he can be rather critical of hungry hippoes

justpassinggas3968d ago

Guess what? It's election season and he is obviously going to be saying things that he won't follow through with. He made a lot of promises but didn't really follow through. People voted for him because they thought it wouldn't be more of the same, yet Obama has actually been more right-wing than even Bush was.

kell_dragon3968d ago

I read a lot on this site and sister sites but this is the first time I've felt the need to create a account and post. So hello community from a lurker.

I do hate election season, typically it seems you get a lot of rhetoric and not a lot of action. But to say the President didn't follow through on his promises is a bit narrow. If you hit up they have listed out about 500 promises from Obama's campaign. 210 of those promises he has followed through on or compromised and he has about another 175 in the works that may or may not gain traction. They could stall or they could be broken.

I'm honestly more upset with congress than the President. The publication "The Congress Daily" even cites the current Congress as being the least active in 50 years. How can any President Dem or Repub get anything done or carry through on a promise, when the body responsible for making the laws is to busy mudslinging to compromise. Just look at how many times in the last year the government has almost shutdown due to a lack of agreement or agenda pushing. At this point I would like to change out every seat in congress house and senate.

Anyway... back to lurking.

justpassinggas3968d ago

Actually, the President is to blame for a lot of things. Yes, the Republican congress basically sucks ass, but the President has the right to veto bills and dole out executive orders. He should have been doing so because the Republican congress is hostile towards him.

But, Obama let major issues slide. He promised a 16-month timetable to leave Iraq. It took him a lot longer than that with the last troops pulling out at the end of the 3rd year of his term. He promised to close Gitmo - didn't happen. He reinstated the Bush tax cuts! Instead of letting the Patriot Act expire, he extended it! He assassinated an American citizen! He signed a bill that lets the President detain American citizens indefinitely! I'd rather have Bush's wire taps!

Speed-Racer3968d ago

Just an update on the situation. SOPA discussions have been delayed indefinitely...i.e. they bowed to pressure and won't bother with it anymore. The fight continues though to stop PIPA.

360ICE3968d ago

Obama has this personal freedom, right to personal secrecy and pro government exposure side to him, but unfortunately he hasn't acted out on it. Guess he's got his hands full, but it's still really important to keep these values.