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Kinect For PC Costs $250, Is It Worth It?

GamerFitNation's Gregory Laporte discusses whether or not the Kinect for PC is worth $250. "After a rigorous day of doing my daily duties, I sat myself down to catch up on all of the daily news posting and CES information from around the web. There was one announcement that really confused me and had me questioning myself if Microsoft had lost their damn mind. It was the announcement of the Kinect for the PC. Now it wasn’t the initial announcement of it being for the PC as there have been many videos of people hacking the Kinect and creating new tools for their PC with it. The only issue I had was they are trying to charge $250 dollars for it."

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IHateYouFanboys3610d ago

it comes with the SDK, thats why its an extra $100.

Captain Qwark 93610d ago

kinect for xbox is worth about 10 dollars, for pc prob less. who is gonna stand 6 feet away from there pc? hopefully the specs changed or peeps are gonna need a big monitor. all i use my kinect for is navigation, for games its uselss lol

mcstorm3609d ago

Kinect for the PC is different to the one on the 360 it is designed to work up close rather then far away. I am a fan of Kinect but I would say the price is abit over the top but then again you are also paying for the SDK as well.

Im looking forward to seeing what people do with this device on the pc.

fatstarr3610d ago

if they were smart they would sell it for 100$ with Microsoft licencing so that if you make something good microsoft could sell it and market it and give you 10% of the profit or something...

GrumpyVeteran3609d ago

Your average developer will not only accept 10% of the profit. In most license agreements the user accepts about ~70%

TheGameFoxJTV3609d ago

10% is totally unreasonable. Shit, 50% is terrible. XD

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The story is too old to be commented.