VIZIO Announces New HDTV, Blu-ray Player, Google TV Stream Player and Tablet Products

GamerFitNation writes: VIZIO, America’s #1 HDTV Company*, announces the continued expansion of its next generation of the award-winning VIZIO Internet Apps® platform: VIZIO Internet Apps Plus (V.I.A. Plus). V.I.A. Plus brings a unified user experience to a wide range of devices that include HDTVs, Tablets, Blu-ray players, Media Players and more. From the big screen to mobile devices, V.I.A. Plus bridges the worlds of entertainment, content and services with one sophisticated and intuitive interface. V.I.A.

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fredolopez3916d ago

i can just see myself gaming on one of these :D

GanjaMan3916d ago

vizio make shit tv's, the picture quality is poor, very unreliable can break within a year and because the parts come from asia they can change at anytime so if your tv breaks it is un-repairable and vizio even admits this (see link)! Think twice before you buy a vizio, yes the price may look good but is it really worth it over the long run?