A Cell Phone that Lasts 15 Years on a single AA Battery


Unveiled at CES 2012 comes the SpareOne, a cell phone that runs on a single AA battery and can sit in standby for 15 years. The SpareOne cell phone is meant to be an emergency phone that is available in any situation and ready to run on a single AA battery.

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r213978d ago

thats amazing right there!

Sillyace923978d ago

Yeah but look at the phone...

Speed-Racer3978d ago

Gotta start somewhere, right? :p

Sillyace923978d ago

I suppose, but that's like bragging that you have a pager that has a 15 hour battery life

fatstarr3977d ago

seems cool. I will ell my mom about this.

the design is horrible but what more can you ask, not as if you are walking over the earth with this phone or downloading apps.

my 1 flaw is that if its apocalyptic there will be no phone networks.