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After Radeon HD7970 'Tahiti', GPU Compute becomes mainstream

Nebojsa Novakovic at : The massive jumps in both peak and actual usable GPU compute FP performance, especially across multiple GPUs, show that both the GPU and OpenCL have matured sufficiently to make graphics compute offload a more viable proposition down to the mainstream.

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C_Menz3975d ago

Very good review. Nice card for those who want something cheap while being able to play all game currently out at least on low.

dexus3975d ago

to bad that 7970 does cost around 500€ , which is not in the cheap sector.
But this card is a monster.
I just hope that OpenCL will be supported by more apps soon.

C_Menz3975d ago

Ahh, I commented on the wrong story! Oh well. Either way I am interested in the new gpu's coming out this year. Hopefully by the end of 2012 I will be able to upgrade from my 560ti's if games warrant it.