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Broadcom announces 802.11ac, calls it 5G

Icrontic writes:

"Broadcom today announced a new wireless networking standard called 802.11ac. They’re calling it fifth generation and plastering the 5g moniker on it. This should cause a lot of strife and confusion in the wireless space, as this is 5g Wi-fi, not 5g cellular."

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Streaming boom has Broadcom suing Netflix for infringing its video streaming patents

Broadcom thinks you should stop watching Witcher and pandemic movies.

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Broadcom drops bid to acquire Qualcomm

Broadcom announced Wednesday that it is formally ending its aggressive pursuit of Qualcomm.

The company also said it is withdrawing its slate of nominees it had presented for Qualcomm's board.


Trump blocks Broadcom Bid to Takeover Qualcomm

The US president Donald Trump has blocked Singapore-based telecom giant Broadcom from acquiring Qualcomm Inc, the Whitehouse said in a statement.

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Kabaneri2092d ago (Edited 2092d ago )

Great, had Qualcomm been purchased Chinese companies would absolutely dominate 5G phone tech.

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Deadpoolio2091d ago

LMFAO Trump literally had ZERO say in that decision period.....Moron in Chief needs to take credit for everything though, But NO he had NOTHING to do with it. The President is NEVER asked for his opinion on these sorts of things, nor does the President's opinion matter. The decision is made by the DOJ WITHOUT Cheeto Hitler input and the FTC....Those TWO departments look at it and decide if its something that should be allowed....But clearly Trumpies are too stupid to know any different.....Same with the AT&T/Time-Warner merger....Its being blocked by the DOJ and the FTC, NOT the moron in the oval office because its one cable/Internet provider trying to merge with another cable/internet provider meaning one less cable/internet provider

ASBO-52091d ago

oh ffs, get over yourself you damned crybaby candy ass