Stopping SOPA: Anonymous Talks Motives, Aims and Hurting Sony

PSLS: Early last year, internet ‘hacktivists’ Anonymous attacked Sony for pursuing legal action against PS3 hackers, ultimately bringing down the PSN and several Sony sites. But just when you thought the phrase “Anonymous vs Sony” would be relegated to 2011 recap posts, the group once again declared war on the Japanese corporation. This time, the group was protesting Sony’s support of the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), something that could potentially limit free speech and lead to mass internet censorship. Will Anonymous’ actions actually help stop the act being passed, should they protest the ‘unconstitutional’ bill, or are they simply acting rashly and making things worse – all while attacking innocent Sony employees and unrelated individuals? To find out, PSLS spoke to a member of Anonymous in an extensive interview.

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Lord_Sloth4347d ago

We should all just start ignoring Anon. Stop giving them publicity and talking about them all together. Make them feel insignificant and weak by simply paying no heed to them. Let the FBI worry about that when they steal money from bank employees and try to make it seem better by donating it.

Adva4347d ago

But sites such as these won't stop because they will do ANYTHING for hits while news channels will do anything for ratings.

No attention should be paid to them and yet these so called journalists continue to give them the attention they desire. Playing into their hands. Just look at how they word everything, as if the site is proud that they are talking to anarchist. Let them blabber on their own site, stop posting these things thousands of time on all the websites.

fatstarr4344d ago

its hard to ignore something that can be anyone or anything.

Lord_Sloth4344d ago

Not really. Just stop giving them publicity. Ignore them. Stop reading their articles, stop going to their websites...Stuff like that.

tiffac0084346d ago (Edited 4346d ago )

Sadly, attacking just one company doesn't help anything nor will their competitors care for that matter.

Anon is fighting a war of attrition without an end game, this will only help those with special interest in passing SOPA or SOPA type bills in the future.

Not exactly a thrilling future to see.

Besides Sony doesn't need Anon's help in losing money their entire TV division is doing just fine in that regards. lol!


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