Kanye West launches design company, tweets to 'pick up where Steve Jobs left off'

New Rising Media: "Kanye West stormed Twitter late on Wednesday night and early today, writing 86 tweets discussing fashion, his late mother and announcing his new company "DONDA."

He wanted to let Steve Jobs finish; but he's planning to make the greatest production and design company of all time, as he tweets to continue work in the same vein as the late Apple CEO.

'We can collectively effect the world trough design. We need to pick up where steve jobs left off'"

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C_Menz3982d ago

I hate Kanye West he just needs to go away. He is just trying to hop on the attention that Job's death has created especially since nobody has cared about him since he embarrassed himself with the Taylor Swift stunt.

GanjaMan3982d ago

that taylor swift stunt was setup heres one of the reasons, when she got called beyonce to come back she suddenly had the same red dress as beyonce even though she was wearing a different dress before its like she knew she was gona be called it, hmmm coincidence i think. But that doesn't stop Kanye being a dick, fucking hate the man, hes only big cause he sold his soul for fame.

Fel083981d ago

The red dress was the dress she wore for her performance that night. Thats why she changed. Plus, just because Beyonce and Taylor were wearing a red dress, it doesn't mean it was set up. Dumbest thing I've ever heard.

ThirstyforFanta3981d ago

LOL nobody cares about that anymore it's long forgotten..
He has new songs, new fans and life goes on

Fel083981d ago

Kanye is a d-bag who needs to go away.

2pacalypsenow3981d ago

hes not as smart as steve jobs

Kurylo3d3981d ago

steve jobs wasnt as smart as steve jobs. The real steve jobs was a non talent having thief who really just pillaged other peoples ideas and took credit for them.

2pacalypsenow3981d ago

he was smart enough to do that, i didn't like the guy but he was smart and made apple what it is today

Kurylo3d3978d ago

yea i guess so, still no visionary.

Rashonality3981d ago

nononononono....he's not smart.....PERIOD.

KillerPwned3981d ago

WOW! This cock sucker could never ever come anywhere close to what Steve Jobs is and will always be.