Yahoo To Buy Neflix? (Rumor)

PC Mag: The recent hiring of former PayPal president Scott Thompson as Yahoo's new CEO has given rise to an intriguing new rumor—the possibility that Yahoo may now acquire Netflix.

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C_Menz3144d ago

I hope that something happens with Netflix. I canceled a few months ago since the prices were hiked up and the lack of new content.

Then I went back to renew and they would not let me simply sign back up for my previous plan(1 DVD at a time--no streaming). I had to sign up for both streaming and DVD's which I did not want to do since their streaming service does not have many "new" top movies.

contra1573143d ago

netflix needs to fix their prices ,, losing customers like honeybees

socialnetworks3143d ago

They need to fix their backyard documentaries too.