Nokia: solar charging mobile phones are possible but not ready yet

New Rising Media: "The results from Nokia's solar charging experiment are in, and while it is possible to juice up your phone via the Sun's rays, it's nowhere near consistent enough yet.

For the experiment, Nokia have used their C1-02 (one of their millions of dumbphones), attached solar panels onto the back, and sent them to a variety of countries over the last six months. Five participants were selected from across the world: two in the Arctic Circle, one in Southern Sweden, one in Kenya, and one in the Baltic Sea, each with varying lifestyles and varying weather conditions to give this a fair shot."

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Strongfist363981d ago

Cost outweighs the benefits.

SquishyGorilla3981d ago

Exactly! The technology is far too expensive to warrant such a small amount of use. Plus it's too sketchy to implement in terms of differing productivity in different areas. Can't see it catching on with phones at all in that respect.

C_Menz3980d ago

I would be interested in something like this. But only if it was done well(sturdy and functions through windows, etc).