What's next for PC gaming?

The Tech Report: "If you're reading this, you're probably a PC gamer. You've probably invested a decent amount of money in a fast graphics card, a decent-sized monitor, and more cheap RAM than you probably needed. I'm willing to bet you've also played some of the latest shooters on that gaming rig of yours.

If my description fits you, then you must have realized that your PC can carry much bigger loads than the lightweight Modern Warfare engine and its ilk. The sad truth is that today's games are developed with six-year-old consoles in mind, and they look the part, too. High-end gaming PCs are roughly an order of magnitude more powerful than the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Playing Modern Warfare 3 on the PC is a bit like taking a Ferrari to go grocery shopping; as flashy as it might look, the resources at hand are being woefully underused.

None of that should be news to you. The question is, what happens next?"

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TABSF3982d ago (Edited 3982d ago )

* AMD is less than 1 week from Southern Islands launch
* Nvidia is less than 6 months from Kepler launch

* Intel is less than 3 months from Ivybridge launch
* AMD is less than 6 months from Piledriver launch

I get what the article is saying, PC is getting G*MPed but Mods and tweeks get released all the time, just look at GTA and Skyrim

Huwmor3982d ago (Edited 3982d ago )

The main thing I'm looking forward to is the next console generation. Hear me out. New(presumably more powerful) console hardware will raise the benchmark for the lowest tech developers are making games for. While new graphics cards and cpus are nice,they'll just continue to get underused by most developers.

I think PC gamers should really be looking forward to the next console gen(even if it does lead to idiotic "OMG new console game prettier than crysis" type headlines). Counter-intuitive I know but I think my logic holds up. I haven't heard any gaming site discuss this and can't help feel like I'm missing something (or maybe they are?). I think we are just going to have to wait this one out guys. 2013's only a year away. I'd bet money that's when the new gen's coming

hiredhelp3977d ago (Edited 3977d ago )

I do understand what your saying only thing i see comming is a slightly more improoved graphics chip with perhaps some level of a light dx11.

No, to me i beleave any devs that choose to produce for pc too should start with pc work down. Give full support thats another problem before this gen we used to get that full support even when there was xbox1 and ps2.

This gen has been worst ever nearly every game on consoles and some pc's has had to need a patch why do they pay hese testers.

I say bring out more more alpha build betas watever you want to call them 6months before let the masses test for bugs.

Huwmor3976d ago

Buggy releases are high on my list of problems with the modern game industry too. The ability to patch games post-release is a brilliant feature as before you were simply a game-breaking glitch and had to simply abandon a game. Like dlc however, patching has become exploited by many(not all)devs as an excuse to not fully test their game.

I realise their may be time constraints from publishers but maybe it's time for certain devs to put their foot down when they feel that their game is simply too buggy for release.

Nobody expects perfect but their seems to be way too many truly game-breaking bugs cropping up in "AAA releases", skyrim comes to mind.


The merging of XBOX LIVE and windows 8. Enough said.

contra1573981d ago

Madness for PC . setting the standard again