The Tech Report Review: AMD's Radeon HD 7970

The Tech Report: "Gamers looking for the fastest graphics card in the world can rest assured that, at least for a while, the Radeon HD 7970 is it. Our testing has shown that when you move beyond FPS averages and get picky about consistently smooth action via low frame latencies, the differences between the most expensive cards in the market, including the 7970 and the GeForce GTX 580, tend to shrink. What that means is you're not always likely to feel the difference between one card and the other while playing a game, even if the average frame rates look to be fairly far apart."

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TABSF2692d ago

Did not like the reference HD 5000 cards, HD 6000 and 7000 look badass though.

Great performance but I'm having to say with Nvidia for now, invested to much into them, with 3D Vision and PhysX :)

Bring on Kepler, competition is great