Canada-US border crossed by man using iPad as ID

BBC reports that: "A Canadian man who forgot his passport has said that he managed to cross the border into the US using a copy of the document he had scanned on to his iPad."

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C_Menz3984d ago

It's amazing to see how far technology has advanced. The guy brought up the future and a digital way to replace drivers licenses, passports, etc. Wonder how long we are from something like that or portable eye scanners?

Syko3984d ago

Photoshopper's Dream right here. $$$

C_Menz3984d ago (Edited 3984d ago )

True, that is a big problem if something like this happens. But it wouldn't be that different than people forging passports, driver's license, etc. already. Might even be harder if the identification had to connect to a server to verify it.

Syko3984d ago

True but it will open a Black Market for this type of thing if it becomes an accepted form of ID. The users will be ahead of the authorities like everything with the Internet lol...Either way this is a cool story.

You know this dude walked away Like a F'ing Boss.

Baka-akaB3983d ago

except at least the officers could always check online at some registery , at some point in the future .

While taking a piece of paper or plastic at face value with so many fakes is a tad iffy

Speed-Racer3983d ago

Silly TSA. They make it hard for us to travel and still overlook something like this. I hate those jerks honestly. Last time I was heading home, I was just looking around and some old fart is looking down like he wanted to beat the crap out of me. Honestly I looked back with the "what you gonna do" expression. I might have said something, but I didn't want to be anally probed.

Wikkid6663983d ago

What does the TSA have to do with this?

Speed-Racer3983d ago

Who do you think manages border patrol?

Wikkid6663983d ago

@ Racer-X

Certainly not the TSA...

Department of Homeland Security over sees US Customs, US Boarder Patrol, TSA, etc.

TSA works at US airports.
US Customs works at border enter points.

Speed-Racer3983d ago

Well it doesn't say specifically what mode of transport he took here. Guessing by car though -.- given how close vermont is

fatstarr3983d ago

this shouldn't be valid in any way. smh that officer might get fired.