Google+ had its best month ever in December with 49M U.S. visits

VentureBeat: "Fledgling social network Google+ had its best traffic month ever in December, with more than 49 million U.S. visits, a sign that the company’s bet on social is slowing paying off.

Several pundits previously wondered if Google+ would become a graveyard after several studies showed traffic declines, with one eye-popping Chitika study in October showing traffic had fallen 60 percent. But Google’s decision to incorporate the network into other products like Gmail and Google Reader have paid off in higher traffic and more steady interest in the network."

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Google+ communities will now sort posts algorithmically instead of chronologically

Social networks have started to embrace algorithmic timelines (that is, where posts are sorted based on how the service thinks you will like it), instead of showing each post in chronological order.

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Google+ profiles may not be needed to post Play Store reviews anymore

According to several tips from Android Police readers, the Google Play Store may not require you to have a Google+ account to write reviews anymore.

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Google launching in-house startup incubator called 'Area 120' | ZDNet

Google's new incubator could help it keep talent by providing new business plans with funding, but is it enough?