Microsoft to enable Linux on its Windows Azure cloud in 2012

ZDNet: " Microsoft is preparing to launch a new persistent virtual machine feature on its Azure cloud platform, enabling customers to host Linux, SharePoint and SQL Server there."


Microsoft Azure And General Electric, A Valuable Initiative For Microsoft

Microsoft is planning to boost Azure’s working by joining hands with General Electric

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How Microsoft briefly ran Azure from an undersea datacenter

Microsoft thinks its Project Natick submarine datacenters could be the answer to cleaner, low latency cloud services in the future.


Microsoft Drops Prices For Some Azure Instances By Up To 17%

Microsoft has long said it would match AWS's prices for compute, storage and bandwidth. Earlier this month, Amazon dropped the price of some of its general purpose, compute- and memory-optimized EC2 machines. It doesn’t come as a major surprise then that Microsoft is now also dropping the prices for some of its virtual machines by between 10 and 17 percent.

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