Samsung Announces Galaxy Ace Plus

AppSplit: "Samsung has officially announced the all new Galaxy Ace Plus with much better specs, and a fair price.

The new Galaxy Ace Plus comes packed with a 1GHz processor and runs Gingerbread out of the box, 512 MB of RAM, 3.6-inch display, Wi-Fi, microSD card slot etc."

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fatstarr3982d ago

As much as I love samsung Im waiting for googles shot at a tablet.

Syko3982d ago

Samsung needs to develop the software side of their phone business as it is clearly the achilles heel of their business model...Or their cash cow depending on how you look at it.

contra1573982d ago

Looks like a iphone 3g copy

dilawer3982d ago

Nopes, It has a completely different design. and includes both External and Internal Flash :P

Speed-Racer3982d ago (Edited 3981d ago )

The front face looks like an iPhone 3G. It might have slightly different features but the general shape is there. Looks like one of those Asian cloned iPhones.

As they say, a picture speak a thousand words.

dilawer3982d ago

Well, it looks like an iPhone 3G but it is much better in specs.