Why can’t real books come with a digital copy?

Which? Conversation: The Kindle and other e-readers are fantastic products, but you can’t wrap a digital book and put it under your tree. Surely there’s a solution so that we can keep on giving (and unwrapping) books at Christmas?

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contra1573987d ago

Yeah this is a great idea. Not sure why publishers have not thought of this idea. For instance a movie I can come with a digital copy so if you can take your 50 inch tv with you you can put it right on an ipod iphone or some kind of portable device to watch it on, So if you don't have enough room for all your boooks or even for the 1 book you can put it right on to a digital device I think it's a good idea and doesn't destroy having books in your hands , but sometimes makes it easier to carry around it. It's still the same book just digital