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Sony confirms ICS update for both Tablet S and Tablet P

AppSplit: "Recently Sony released an update for Tablet S that made it possible for us to connect our PS3 controller with it. Now, Sony has confirmed that Tablet S and Tablet P both will receive an Android 4.0 ICS update very soon."

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mcstorm3632d ago

Good to see Sony starting to update there tablets not long after release as this has been there down fall with there phones. There now Samsung need to look at hem self and start to push out updates to the galaxy tab 10.1.

dilawer3632d ago

Galaxy Tab 10.1 will get the update soon but what I am worried about is my Galaxy S, Sammy has no intentions of updating it.

mcstorm3632d ago

No Samsung came out the other day and said the galaxy tab 10.1 was not getting it due to memory and there touch wiz ui.

To me it's not a big problem as I got my self a xoom and it is getting ics but I got my other half the galaxy tab 10.1 for Xmas and was abit peed off to read that it was not getting ics so I may have to look to xda to put ics onto the tab 10.1.

THC CELL3632d ago

I really want one of these.

dilawer3631d ago

@mcstorm : You got it wrong the Galaxy Tab 10.1 will get the update but the Galaxy Tab 7 lacks memory to run ICS.