PlayStation Vita And PSP Memory Card Price Comparison

Just Push Start: Sony has now released the RRP for the PlayStation Vita cards and it’s surprisingly cheaper most people think. Even cheaper than the memory stick pro duos for the original PSP.

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gaffyh3992d ago

Considering the price of Flash memory has dropped drastically, those memory cards are firstly too small and secondly still too expensive.

A great BUSINESS idea not to include built in flash memory, and money grab by forcing the use of memory cards on some games... you NEED to have one, so theVita will cost more than the $299 they're stating.

I BET one year from the release they will have another SKU with 4-8GB built in storage.

Micro_Sony3992d ago (Edited 3992d ago )

I am not buying any Sony products until the stop supporting the SOPA bill.

Same goes for Nintendo,EA or which ever other company that is in support.

aDDicteD3989d ago

good thing it's cheaper