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Microsoft Announces CES 2012 Will Be Its Last

IGN: After over 20 years of participation in the annual CES, Microsoft has announced that 2012 will its last year exhibiting or holding events at the popular electronics show.

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Xwow20083992d ago

yh the world gonna end anyway :)

Dogswithguns3992d ago

You do you meant "its last"?!.. no more Microsoft products?!... that's a great news if you ask me.

negative3991d ago (Edited 3991d ago )

derrrrrrrrrrrrrrr no one asked you.

Kyle12123991d ago

they'll probably create their own covention like macworld or blizzcon if this is their last.

pupa3991d ago

Aha, that's good, No more lies and pseudo actors to "sell" garbage information. Remember Milo!