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Scratch Supernova off 2012 Doomsday list

What's Hawt: "For those predicting how the Earth will come to an end in 2012, NASA has something to say about that."

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Speed-Racer4365d ago

The universe is such a wonderful place, so much about it to understand. Always wondered what it would be like at the other end of a black hole...must be like a sick kid vomiting out stuff all day.

no_more_heroes4364d ago

There is probably too much to space that the human mind is incapable of understanding (probably why it's placed so far out of our reach). Being human, however, we're certainly gonna try anyway.

Space - the ultimate challenge to human intelligence and evolution.

EazyC4364d ago

Oh, Space, you so crazy.

zornik4364d ago

There is still a possebility......the surfice of the sun explodes from time to time....these explosions cause electro magnetic waves EMP's.These waves can burst trough the osonlayer and demolisch every single electric device on earth.(The side who looks at the sun that is) Human civilization will be pushed in the middle ages in a couple of days....think about that for a global catastrophe.
I don't want this too happen but there is always something that can destroy our world.There is nothing too save humanity from becoming an animal with only the urge too get food and survive under the laws of nature.Human sivilization is frail as an eggshell..we need too work on that for a change.

GrumpyVeteran4360d ago

Yes, solar flares and CMEs happen often enough and it is a very real concept that if it was pointed at Earth, it would be devastating to the electricity grid.


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