'Confirmed': Apple Building 3.5-Inch Tablet Computer

Forbes: "Apple is building a touch-screen computer with a 3.5-inch screen that will sell for as little as $199. The pocketable gadget runs Apple’s iOS software and serves as a contract-free version of Apple’s popular iPhone 4S."

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GanjaMan4003d ago

so basically a ipod touch?

norman294002d ago

let me guess, their ultra imaginative name for it is.....iTab

Software_Lover4002d ago

My cellphone screen is bigger than that. Jobs would have never let this through, lol.

Micro_Sony4002d ago

Perfect example of putting an Apple logo on any product and watch it sell like hot cakes.

I no Apple hater but the fact that Apple always release half a$$ed products when the can release the full version for the same price bugs me but instead give you a product with some of the features only to release another version with 2 more features 6 month later and so on.

snake-OO4002d ago

i don't think any of you guys above me read the article.

Speed-Racer4002d ago

Oh Apple, introducing a million variations of a very similar product, but I expect them to have a massive press conference where they market it as something completely new and industry changing.

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