Hitachi Ships First 4TB Hard Drive Despite Current Market

Gamers Nexus: "The days of 4MB drives being massive are long passed, thankfully, and now we're breaking into new hard drive capacity territory. Despite the HDD industry's slow recovery speed, Hitachi has shipped its most recent Deskstar 5K, a 4TB HDD that runs at 5900RPM (dubbed the 'CoolSpin' by Hitachi), 32MB of cache, and a SATA III interface (6Gb/s max bandwidth)."

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Syko4006d ago

I have 2 - 2TB Drives in RAID0 and after the format it read as 3.63TB. Which is expected but still funny to lose almost 400GB when I know some people still rocking 250GB HDD's lol.

Software_Lover4005d ago

Yeah, but 400 gb is alot. I'm like damn, might as well buy one small HDD to make up for the difference, lol.