New Study Shows Google Chrome Is Most Secure Web Browser

Google Chrome wears the security crown as the most protected web browser. See how rounded out the list in this new online security report.

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Speed-Racer4007d ago

Hack2Pwn also shows that Chrome was the most secure for the past two years running.

DivineHand1254007d ago

I'm currently using Google Chrome and according to Microsoft's browser security test, Google Chrome is rated 2.5 out of 4 while IE is rated a perfect 4 out of 4. Probably more just a marketing ploy from Microsoft.


Speed-Racer4007d ago

Lmao, Firefox also scored 2.5/4

Talk about independence.

TVippy4007d ago

And this article could be Google's ploy by this logic. Oh, but Google never lies...

sjaakiejj4006d ago

Difference here is that this report was clearly established by an independent organisation.

Of course, a grain of salt is required as Google commissioned it, but the big difference between this and the Microsoft test is that on this report, actual research was done, and the Microsoft test appears to be doing nothing else than checking if your browser is Internet Explorer.

GrumpyVeteran4007d ago

I heard Chrome has some sort of inbuilt sandbox(ie) system in it, which drastically increases its security.

Agent_hitman4007d ago

Firefox is also dominating, no one can't deny it.. lol

KingPin4006d ago

i know right. a lot of these test omit opera completely.

while i find it unfair, i think a lot of it is based on popularity of the browsers and according to some other research, opera browser isnt used as much.

but i still use opera. 11.60 is running like silk on my pc.

TVippy4005d ago

Oh yeah, it's da best!

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