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Kinect Coming To Sony TVs, Windows

The Kinect, the popular motion-sensing controller for Microsoft’s Xbox 360 gaming console, seems to be poised to be integrated with Sony TVs and as well as personal computers in the near future.
The details were shared by reports and Microsoft itself recently.
First up, we have the official Kinect for PCs development. This news was one that was directly shared by Microsoft via the Kinect for Windows Blog. That development is actually not new, however, new details were shared about the Kinect for Windows by the Kinect for Windows Team.

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Agent_hitman4383d ago

Ha?! Do you think that sony really allowed this to happen though they have their own motion censor product called eyetoy, they should just need to improve it that letting MS to infiltrate their other products cause if that happens, it's like getting a rock and hit that into their heads!!

NarcolepZZZZZZ4383d ago

YEAH!!!! Do you really think Sony would ever work with Microsoft? I doubt it. That's why no Sony pc's run on Windows.....errr....wait a minute..

Kinect is much better than the eyetoy and already much more known to non-gamers. I bet Sony's a little miffed about passing on the Kinect tech when 1st approached with it.

Thatguy-3104383d ago (Edited 4383d ago )

Dude sony could have easily been in Microsoft position If they would have promoted the hell out of the eye toy..Everyone agrees that Sony sucks when it comes marketing...Move with the eyetoy are superior than kinect but Microsoft market that thing like if it's a device of the future. When it comes to marketing, microsft practically shits on everyone else.
As for the topic business is business!! People need to stop thinking that companies have the same Fanboyism tO there own products....Anything is possible to them as long they benefit from it.

Speed-Racer4383d ago

dboyc310 is right. the only fanboys are the gamers themselves, not the product developers. seeing competing companies collaborate on something is not blasphemy. it's just business.

Serg4382d ago

Sony already experimented with the 3D cam technology back in the day for EyeToy 2, so I think they already have the technology.

But besides that, what's the point having something like Kinect in a TV? Correct me if I'm wrong but the infrared camera has a limited range, like 2 meters IIRC. So... what's the point?

OK let's assume there is no range problem. Still no point. Waving your hand to switch a channel? Yeah that's awesome if you're lying on your couch. And if you stand up? Will it register it and switch the channel? I can't see anything beneficial about it.

Before anyone brings up voice recognition... you don't need a ridiculously expensive 3D infrared camera, a much cheaper microphone is enough for that.


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