Windows 8 Tablets Will Be a Huge Hit: 10 Reasons Why

There’s little debating that tablets have become a huge hit and will be a major factor in the future growth of the PC market. People around the globe are flocking to stores to get their hands on everything from Apple’s iPad 2 to the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 to the Amazon Kindle Fire. And along the way, they’re helping those prominent companies generate millions of dollars in new revenue and their pushing other firms to join the fray.

Software_Lover4383d ago

Agreed. I want the Samsung windows 8 tablet, but I'm not gonna pay an Ipad price (because I'm not dumb).

I bought my wife the kindle fire, not because it had the biggest screen, it doesn't, but the price was reasonable for what it was.


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SwiderMan388d ago

The $398 LG TV is infinitely better than the $98 .onn TV, but I bet people will choose the latter


Amazon's updated Fire tablets start at just $99

Four new models are available, with preorders already open.

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