AMD Not Competing with Intel Anymore, Goes Mobile

In a move than could very well be interpreted as exchanging one problem for another, Advanced Micro Devices has decided to stop focusing so much on the PC business and get its act closer together on the mobile front.

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SKUD4388d ago

If this proves to be true there will be no competition for intel desktop PC market. Project price hike inbound.

GrumpyVeteran4388d ago

Plus without a competitor, Intel can hold onto any sort of new technology they might have developed as they aren't under any pressure. They don't have to do much at all now.

hiredhelp4387d ago

WOW i hope this not true even thoe im more Intel based i agree this will only allow prices to rise.
Years AMD went head to head i say do both mobile and desktop.
I know there latest cpu didnt go down too well in benchmark tests with i5 and i7 sandy bridge but they still had alot of AMD fans that buy there products cos they cheaper they preferd AMD.

KingPin4387d ago

i was always and still am an AMD fan.

sure their processors lately don't beat the intel ones but i just feel the quality of AMD to be better. <personal choice>

i used my AMD K6 for the best part of 7 years. it never ever gave me any hassles. <windows did though lol> im currently using a AMD x64 chip in my pc and with linux, its a dream!!

but this is sad news. its almost like intel will monopolize the market now. they can/will release crap and without any stiff competition, consumers will have no choice but to buy their junk.

hiredhelp4387d ago

Im glad u happy AMD fan like many others ive heard that statment b4 about the quality being better. Mainly mobo's from my 10 years im not soo sure, I do agree lol windows is a pain just like intel and AMD there is no real compettitor ok theres apple but they have no huge support. Wish they did i buy a apple over microsoft anyday. All i own in way of a apple is a ipad gen1 no viruses no malware no junk,no security updates that can effect windows.

sjaakiejj4387d ago (Edited 4387d ago )

If this is true, Intel will monopolise the Desktop Processor market.

I only buy Intel processors myself, due to how robust their processors are, but if AMD goes Mobile only, prices for Intel processors will sky rocket, like they did for Windows when it monopolised the market.

Speed-Racer4387d ago

Well Windows prices never dropped. They just have a range of products to choose from now, but thinking back to the old days, it used to cost about $200-300 for their OS (profession) and it still does now. There are home premium and starter editions which fill in now for the lower end markets.

sjaakiejj4387d ago

They have actually increased over the years.

When Windows 1.0 released it released at a pricetag for $100,-, which in todays dollars would equate about 180 dollar. It had all the features that you would expect of an "ultimate" edition back in the day. When they monopolised the market however, prices started increasing, to what we see right now:

300 dollars for the professional edition, 400 for the ultimate edition. This means that the price almost doubled over the years.

Speed-Racer4387d ago

Compare it to at least Win 95 though.... I'm surprised prices have remained somewhat constant since, even when Mac is creeping up on the market, but I guess now that there is Windows 7, there is somewhat less of an incentive to go mac.

I don;t see the point of going to a profession version of Windows these days though. I have Win7 home premium and it works quite well. Unless you want to run a virtual XP environment or want more network security, I don't see the need for Pro or Ultimate these days.

sjaakiejj4386d ago

I'm not interested in how it was at Windows 95 though, as my comment was referring to the price hike that Windows experienced when Microsoft monopolised the market. This is something that happened long before computers were mainstream, when Microsoft released the first versions of windows that preceded 95.

Whilst you're right in saying that there's no real need for Windows Professional, it's not an excuse for the almost 100% increase in price over the early versions.

The way it works is that the normal version of Windows is released at a pricepoint of 400 USD, and a gimped version (Home Edition) is released at a 200 USD pricepoint. If Intel were to monopolise the processor market, we would be seeing the same thing there.

Technological advancement would slow down, Intel would suddenly introduce very expensive processors, and they'd make gimped versions of those processors as "entry level" processors, as "home edition" is a gimped version of Professional.

MetalFreakMike4381d ago

I love AMD and still use their products to this day. I don't care that I can pay 400 or over more dollars for a processor that can pump out 15 more frames than the best AMD processor. It runs my games at top settings and uses less power when I'm browsing the internet. As long as AMD is in business and makes their processors as good as they usually do than I'll keep buying from them.


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