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Sony Tablet P on sale in the UK, brings hefty price tag with it

AC - The clamshell Sony Tablet P has found its way out into the wild in the UK, bringing to market with it a hefty pricetag just a penny under £500.

The Tegra 2, dual 5.5 inch screened device brings Honeycomb 3.2 along for the ride. It also comes with Sony's Playstation certification much like its sibling, the more conventional Tablet S. Sony claims that the styling will make it more comfortable to hold sideways for reading books, but many would be put off by its unusual design.

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Captain Tuttle4391d ago

An overpriced Sony device? Say it ain't so!!

The PS3 is Sony's best electronic value BY FAR.


Cnet: Sony Tablet P Review

Cnet: The Sony Tablet P's screens look great and I appreciate its removable battery. Also, the ability to fold it in half and fit it into your pocket is indescribably convenient.

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Sony Tablet P gets rooted, does it effortlessly

Engadget - For anyone that's dabbled long enough with Sony's dual-screen tablet as-is, we've got good news. The device can now be rooted and -- better still -- it's not all that difficult. Pocketables forum member RayIczr goes over the method, which requires an ADB installer and a Sony Tablet Root program.

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Sahil4285d ago

It had a lot of su*k. And it did. ;)


Sony Tablet P's product manager shows off prototypes, tells the clamshell story

Engadget - Still baffled by the Tablet P's existence? Well, Sony's here to help! Earlier today, our brethren over at Engadget Chinese met up with Takeshi Goto, the head honcho of VAIO and mobile product producing, to learn how the Android clamshell went from several mockups (one of which was made out of a $4 wallet) right after the PDA era to the final product today.

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