What happens online when you die?

NRM: "It's the question that nobody really thinks of as in the face of death (quite understandably) your online profiles fall to the wayside. But what does happen to the digital persona you spent time constructing after you die?

The obvious questions arise at first. Whether you'd rather want your profile to continue online existence forevermore or to elect a "digital executor" to take the lead in removing your online footprint?"

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CynicalVision4031d ago

Scary, I never thought about that before. I'd probably want someone to log into my Facebook account, leave a message explaining what happened and then close my account.

My other profiles would probably continue forever though (like this website).

RememberThe3574031d ago

Well hey at least your immortal on the internet.

Speed-Racer4030d ago (Edited 4030d ago )

The awkward bit is when everyone posts comments of sadness on a dead person's wall and there is this one guy who says HEY ARE YOU COMING TO THE PARTY LATER?

shaun mcwayne4031d ago

ive thought of this before. just last week a friend of mine had a person on his xbox friend list and received a message from the persons daughter saying that her dad had died and she was going to keep his account going.

Bakkies4031d ago

It's interesting to think about it the other way around, when you delete your facebook account, it's almost like committing suicide. I deleted mine and none of my so called facebook friends ever contacts me or gave me birthday wishes. How ironic is it that friends you have in MMO's seems to be more interested in your daily doings than your "real friends".

It may indicate a deep problem with social networking and how it disconnects people socially. which is ironic.

StaticGrazer4031d ago

What do you think happened to Jobs online pesona?

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