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Xbox 360 to reach for the Cloud

Microsoft is leaving no stone unturned for Xbox 360 as it is on the brink of phasing out with Xbox 720 anticipated to launch next year.
A new update is announced for Xbox 360 which will see its first step towards Cloud technology....

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Jacksparrow4394d ago

its abt time these consoles adopted cloud technology...

buddymagoo4393d ago

The PS3 uses cloud save storage if you are a PS+ member.

fr0sty4392d ago

and has for quite a while now. good to see Xbox getting it as well. It should come in handy for those users who do not have hard drives.

RocknRola4394d ago

its a shame though the gaming industry with amount of technology within their hands reach still resort to cds

Jacksparrow4393d ago

i still prefer a hard copy dude rather than going online to play my games.

lumley6664393d ago

me too bud, i dont like the idea of cloud gaming, look at onlive, i perchased the latest dirt game from there for £40 and in the small print it basically said that id have access to the game till like 2014 or something to that effect. plus if a device ever goes bankrupt that offers cloud gaming u loose all your games, at least with a hard copy its yours forever if u so wish

IHateYouFanboys4393d ago


its not cloud gaming, its cloud storage.

you can save your save files to the cloud, along with your profile. you cant play games from the cloud. its awesome, it means you can play a game at your house, then go over a mates place and pick up from where you left off without having to take a memory card.

and its not like the PS3s horrible way of doing it. you simply say to save to the cloud, and you dont have to keep going in to your save data folder and uploading each file.

Parapraxis4392d ago (Edited 4392d ago )

Hey there smartass, the saves for games on PS3 can be automated if desired.
Check the properties of the next game you are going to play on PS3, if you had a ps3 you'd already KNOW that the cloud saves can be automated.
It's far from "horrible" as you put in your sad trolling way... in fact it works just as you described.

As for digital versus physical. Having a disc will always be better than a digital copy.
I can sell/trade/lend a disc, how would a consumer do that with a digital copy?
I'll take physical value over digital "value" any day.

TLDR; know what you're talking about, before you spew shit.

KwietStorm_BLM4392d ago

You don't have to "keep going in to your save data folder" if you don't want to. You pick which game(s) you want to have their save data uploaded, and it will do it automatically from then on.

RocknRola4393d ago

well taking into consideration the amt gaming companies will save on making hardcopies the online price of the games are bound to go down. now tats a plus point

No_Pantaloons4393d ago (Edited 4393d ago )

Companies saving money does NOT mean consumers will be saving money. You have been fed lies sir. If anything prices will go up as you will no longer have options like used/clearance or sale prices from chain stores or online. Not to mention you wont even "own" it after you pay whatever price they deem fit.

ThePundit4392d ago

But you could be wrong too.
For instance, Apple initially chose the cloud to deliver it's OS X Lion isntead of DVDs. This resulted in a brand new OS that was available for 29$. A lot of people did raise hell, which resulted in OSs being available in hard copy for 69$. They said that not only the hardcopy material costs, but shipping it from factories bump up the cost a lot. And this is the only hw that Apple makes available without 'Apple tax'.

Regarding the fact that "you won't own it", that's wrong too.
When you get OS X from the cloud you can download it again and again from the app store. It also allows you to install to multiple systems as long as you have your apple id on that Mac.

Speed-Racer4392d ago

Actually you failed to consider the bandwidth costs it takes to run a cloud. A CD costs like what? $1-2? Burning is extremely cheap and shipping is not that much. That price hike you're paying really is to force you to switch to their cloud tech, not so much an Apple tax.

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BLow2783d ago

Oh, boy I can imagine how this thread will turn out. I'm kind of surprised by this news but then I'm not because....well....
Grabs popcorn.....

PhoenixUp2783d ago

Xbox 360 had a good run. I thought Wii would be globally discontinued before this happened.

2783d ago
hduce2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

It's sad to see it go but some good things must come to an end. I met a lot of good people who have become longtime friends on the Xbox 360.

Tzuno2783d ago

I hope they will not abandon the manufacturing of X360 controllers, i find them the best.


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