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Hard Disk prices doubles as factories get washed out

It's not just Gold and Oil that has had prices steeping through the last few months. If you look at it from the perspective of percentages, harddisks are have suffered the highest inflation - at a full 100%.

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How to check what Hard Drive you have on Windows 10

What Hard Disk do I have? Do I have a SSD, HDD or Hybrid Drive? How to check the Specifications & RPM of the Hard Drive of your Windows 10 computer?

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Seagate FireCuda hybrid hard drives review — When you have to juggle between speed and space - Pokde

Seagate FireCuda hybrid drive is similar like normal hard drive but with its SSD cache, it has change the game with faster loading time for frequent accessed file. I put the hybrid drive on a test to see if the cache really works.


Western Digital My Passport Wireless Pro review — it’s really powerful - Pokde

Western Digital My Passport Wireless Pro is not only for photographers, it's for everyone. Indeed, it's a really powerful personal cloud storage.

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