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Engadget - Nyko Power Grip review

Engadget - There have been more than a few third-party responses to the Nintendo 3DS' notably short battery life, from grips to clips, to full-on battery replacements. Despite their best efforts, these products still fall short of making the fledgling handheld international flight-ready, leaving globetrotting gamers with idle thumbs. Can't we do better? Nyko thinks so, and promises to triple the battery life of a standard 3DS with its latest accessory, the Nyko Power Grip. Other products have boasted double, but three times the play time? Now we're interested. We gave the Grip a run for its money -- read on if you want to know if it is worth yours.

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Nyko's Power Grip Pro gets cozy with the Nintendo 3DS, comfortably extends mobile gaming sessions

Engadget : Looking to get a bit more longevity out of your 3DS gaming sessions before needing to recharge? If so, Nyko is looking to oblige with its Power Grip Pro case for the aforementioned Nintendo handheld. The outfit boasts that the peripheral will triple your battery life alongside the added functionality of an analog slider control.

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