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Pocket-Lint: HTC Sensation XL review

Pocket-Lint: If you like inches, you'll love the HTC Sensation XL. Picking up the form factor of the HTC Titan - effectively the same handset running Windows Phone 7 - the HTC Sensation XL sits on the top edge of what we'd call a phone. Any bigger and it steps in to tablet territory, like the Samsung Galaxy Note "phablet" as we like to call it here at Pocket-lint.

In playground terms, the HTC Sensation is the big kid, the one you want on your side in a scrap. But it is big, brutal and dumb? Will it only win because size matters, or does it have hidden depths?

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HTC Sensation XL Review - Vantage Magazine

Vantage Magazine - If you’re thinking that you’ve seen this phone before, and not just from the advertising campaigns of late, it’s because essentially this is the same as the HTC Titan that was released a short while back. The XL runs on Android as opposed to the Titan’s Windows Phone – a deal breaker for some – and also hosts a few improvements such as better RAM and the use of Beats headphones and technology. We never got chance to look at the Titan so this is our first opportunity to see what this handset is like.

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Techiecop4384d ago

HTC Sensation XL is a well-build handset which has bright, vivid, and very responsive screen. Besides, it is filled with good software features, making it stand on high-end smartphones world, but from price point of view this is not best phone that users will desperately demand..


HTC Sensation XL vs HTC Sensation XE vs HTC Sensation

Pocket-Lint: The HTC Sensation, Sensation XE and Sensation XL - a triumvirate of Gigantosaurus-screened handsets poses a serious shopping dilemma as to which version to opt for. Each is an Android phone and each one described as a flagship handset by Peter Chou the his team from Taiwan.

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-Mezzo-4439d ago

HTC has gone crazy with Phones, they release about 15+ phones every years. Cheez.


Pocket-Lint: HTC Sensation XL Preview

Pocket-Lint: The HTC Sensation XL pushes out 4.7-inches of glorious display to fill with your Android ambitions. It's the latest flagship phone to launch from HTC, much rumoured and leaked, and now unleashed upon the world. It picks up much of what the HTC Titan set out on Windows Phone 7 and effectively gives you the Android equivalent, but with a few treats thrown in.

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