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‘Occupy Flash’ takes to the streets of the web

A group of HTML5 activists have started an #OccupyFlash campaign to get rid of Flash Player all together.

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SalvatoreLeone4034d ago

Hmmm. There are a lot of issues with flash but it is still quite mainstream.

IllusionRSN4034d ago

I will say this, I wish my "iDevice" had Flash capability lol!!

Speed-Racer4034d ago

I'd rather move away from it... it's so heavy and crashes a lot

gdguide4033d ago (Edited 4033d ago )

Until there is proper support everywhere for html5, this is stupid. Stupid like Apple cutting off Flash when there is still wayyyyyy too much flash content out there. Having any iDevice right now is having a device with blinders on to a majority of media on the web. This is like cutting off all physical media like BR and DVDs right now. It'll take time. These occupy people are clueless.

As for it being crashy? I have the Quicktime plugin crash a lot more than Flash for me.

ThePundit4033d ago

Those occupy flash people must have been the first to jump onto the HTML5 bandwagon and must've become bored.

Lord_Sloth4033d ago

This occupy junk is pure bullshit. Why the hell would you attack a free program?

gdguide4033d ago

These are probably those Apple lovers who follow like sheep without thinking, but now realize that there is still very little html5 support and are left out in the dark. I'm no flash lover, but everyone needs time to transfer over. Apple jumped the gun wayyy to early and are looking silly for it now.