Alienware M11x R3 – petite gaming power house

Alienware laptops provokes thoughts of a huge laptop with crazy performance figures,although they brought forward some fantastic machines they have always wanted to push the envelope. Now they have come out with m11x r3 with specifications taking a huge leap forward for an 11″ laptop and thereby boosting its performance.

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RocknRola3978d ago

this is one craze ass equipment for its size

toaster3978d ago

Yeah this laptop packs some serious power, price is still insane though. You could easily build a desktop that will outperform this for less the cost of this laptop.

RocknRola3978d ago

but considering the portability factor this outperforms any in its class

Kurylo3d3975d ago

what a joke.... a 540 graphics card... very weak. Ive seen laptops with 480s and 560s.

RocknRola3978d ago

a boa with the venom of a cobra