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Do We Really Need to Protect Children From the Internet?

Time: The Federal Trade Commission is recommending updates to the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), which sounds timely, wise, and worthy. But it is doing so blind to the impact and unintended consequences of its regulation.

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-Mezzo-2561d ago

After seeing what happened recently on Sesame Street's youtube account i think we should be protecting them.

KingPin2560d ago

why are kids who watch sesame street even on the internet?
they should be playing outside using their imaginations.

different thing if they were using it to do research for a school project. but to some degree they have to be protected.

i think someone should write a simple how-to to block adult sites off personal computers so parents can do it themselves

Speed-Racer2560d ago

Maybe because their parents are supervising them while they watch Sesame Street?