iCloud Will Make Gaming Even Cooler

Chris Buffa (Modojo): Tomorrow, Apple releases iOS 5, and with it, iCloud, a virtual and personal form of storage that pushes your downloads (be it movies, music or pictures) to all of your Apple branded devices.

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Mikefizzled2652d ago (Edited 2652d ago )

But theres already gadgets that do this? But becaus its called iCloud it will get a disproportional amount of users ever though the service they are offering doesn't beat the competitors.

But thats my 2 cents.
And yes Apples business plan annoys me.

moneygun22652d ago

Why, because they offer regular full featured product updates that are both consistent and well designed, or because this is all offered free on a fantastic ecosystem that has great back end support. For the record there is nothing wrong with android or mango but lets be honest is the original Verizon droid getting this same type of treatment. Android grew to fast and has fractured it will take enormous effort on googles part to even begin to offer the same type of quality Apple has delivered for years, assuming they ever make it.