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Padvance: Facebook for iPad First Impressions and Screens

Padvance takes a quick look at the freshly released Facebook app for iPad. The site was impressed with the smooth interface, great picture viewing, and cool mapping features.

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DojoGrant3435d ago

Seriously, what was the wait for this? It's a good app, but it's not groundbreaking, so I have no idea why they delayed it this long.

spall033435d ago

Yeah seriously... I think their excuse to this point has been that Zuck didn't feel that the iPad is a "mobile device," but who cares?

Speed-Racer3435d ago

@dojo and spall - Who really cares why the iPad app was delayed anyway -.-

spall033435d ago

A good question, considering that FB worked pretty well on iPad Safari. But it was missing a few things and the interface wasn't quite up to snuff either.