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Which is the best carrier for the iPhone 4S: AT&T, Verizon or Sprint?

So the big question remains: Which one of the three major US carriers should you choose? Which one holds the best data plans and which one is the most affordable?

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Madusha3504d ago

Sprint is best IMO. $10 a month gets you unlimited data! This is lightyears ahead of plans offered in New Zealand.

RBdrift3504d ago

All the way with Sprint. Sprint does charge 30 bucks to use there phone as a hub but if you have your phone rooted then you can always download tethering apps that sprint still allows to work on there phones unlike att and verizon.

Corepred43504d ago

You mean jailbroken right? Yeah, there are apps to let you do that hub stuff for free. I'm with ATT right now, Sprint's deal does look pretty good though.

El_Colombiano3504d ago

Sprint, unlimited data. Not that it matters. The damn phone doesn't support 4G.

DeFFeR3504d ago

That really only matters if you live in an area where 4G antennas reach - for the rest of us - the unlimited everything (besides landline calls... but really... 1500 minutes is more than enough) is the best DEAL.

nefertis3504d ago

Sprint is the way too go.

--Onilink--3504d ago

why do they even take AT&T into account in this question? lol

most people who will have it with AT&T is probably because they are still stuck with a contract rather than by choice

snoop_dizzle3504d ago (Edited 3504d ago )

To be fair to AT&T, they can be okay, you just need to be in an area where that's so, lol.

While I did like switching to Sprint last year, Sprint 3g is pretty horrible compared to an area with solid AT&T 3g service. From what I've seen, AT&T 3g can be about 2 to 3 times faster. This was in the upstate NY area. That is one thing I miss is the speed. But of course Sprint is the only major carrier with unlimited data which will keep me over here, and Sprint is improving their network.

--Onilink--3504d ago

yeah, when AT&T works, it works great i wont deny that, the problem is that it has terrible coverage, and in the end, most people will prefer good coverage over faster speeds