Steve Jobs Helped Save Nintendo

Chris Buffa (Modojo): Apple's former CEO and visionary, Steve Jobs, leaves behind an unmatched legacy that forever changed the world. His numerous achievements, including the iPod, iPhone and iPad not only catapulted the company into superstardom, but also influenced numerous hardware and software manufacturers, including Motorola and Samsung.

Jobs' artistic genius may have even rescued Nintendo, albeit indirectly.

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iamnsuperman2969d ago

This is a massive stretch don't you think?

FriedGoat2967d ago

Steve jobs invented the colour White. /s

Yodagamer2967d ago

why did you post this dumb article on here also, don't you think its kinda untrue when your other article on n4g has disagreements with you, nintendo saved nintendo

Madusha2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

I'm not convinced he "saved" Nintendo but his ideas did do a great amount of inspiring. His ideas inspired nearly all manufacturers out there although many big names don't like to admit it.

I don't know about you but I'm certainly not looking for design when I purchase a gaming system. I purchased the "fat DS" on day one hehe. There was really nothing wrong with it in terms of design at the time. It looked so much better than the Gameboy Advanced which was its predecessor.

zag2967d ago

The problem with this is there where already Ipods on the market before Apple.

The only reason why Apple are big is the store, if there wasn't a store music at the time not many people would have bothered as creative had the best MP3 players where you could hook in a 500gig HD and go from there, to take your music and transport files as well.

ngecenk2967d ago

there were no iPods before apple. there were only mp3 players ;)

however, its important to know that mp3 players before iPod is actually a hard disk with 3.5 jack input! Its as huge as portable cd player, not sport friendly, and definitely not pocket friendly. I think in case of mp3 players booming, Apple should have all the credit.

Captain Tuttle2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

The real innovation was iTunes, not the player.

madpuppy2967d ago

this blind love for Apple is getting out of hand. NO...Steve Jobs and Apple are NOT the only company in the world that innovates or has style.
nor have they invented either...

djslapdash2967d ago

I think nintendo helped out apple more.

When the DS was first released with touch screen. No other mainstream product had the confidence of using touchscrren because they thought the interface would be unresponsive and cumbersume. Nintendo engineers broke that myth and now eveyone else is using it. Without nintendo there would not be ipod touch or ipad

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